The Safest way to do home improvements!

Have you ever had a bad contractor steal your money? Or do a lousy job? Or just not even show up for work?

If you had a bad experience, or you heard the horror stories, you know that finding a good contractor is hard. They usually require a deposit, and even with a contract there is no guarantee that they will come back and do the job.

We revolutionized the home improvement industry with our service. We will not only connect you with trusted, local professionals, but will safeguard your money at the same time with our 3rd party payment portal.

First we set you up with some local, trusted Pros to give you an estimate for your project.

 Once you agreed with a Contractor and signed a contract, You send in the money to us. We keep it safe while the Contractor does the job for you. Once you approve the job they performed, and it is to your satisfaction, we release the funds to the Contractor. Its that easy!

Why Choose Us?


With our own secure payment portal it is truly safe and secure to do home improvements.


We will never give out your personal information to the contractors. You can provide your information to whoever you would like once they make contact with you .

It's Free!!

This service will not cost you anything. There is certain payment methods that are completely free so you can use this service for absolutely no additional cost to you.


We guarantee that if you follow our recommendations and procedures your money will be safe with us.

About us

"We created a service that we wished we have had."

We are a small family owned business who has experienced the flaws of the home improvement industry from both sides. Then we decided to salve it so we created a service that we wished we have had.

We were customers who were scammed by multiple contractors and we were contractors who were scammed by customers. Either side you are on, we experienced that it is almost impossible to collect the money that is either stolen from you or owed to you.

How does it work?

With our simple, six step system you are protected the whole way.

1, You post your project on ContractorsNest and contractors will message you or send you a proposal for said project.

2, Choose whatever quote, or contractor you like best, and sign the contract where terms, payment, and timeline is clearly set out.

3, Send the funds to our secure payment portal to put in escrow to keep it safe.

4, The contractor will perform the agreed job for you.

5, You inspect the job, and if it is to your satisfaction approve the job.

6, We release the funds to your Contractor for a great job done!


Hear from our customers how this revolutionized way of home improvements changed the way they hire contractors, forever.

Before I found Contractors nest I had some bad experiences with contractors and was afraid to hire anyone. They made it so easy and secure to do this! I highly recommend them!
Anita Ternovski
Home owner
I do a lot of fix and flips, and I have a couple rental properties. I now exclusively work with Contractorsnest, since they made process so secure. Now I can buy properties in other states too and be confident that the work will get done or I wont loose our money.
Mark Fisher