About us

"We created a service that we wished we have had."

We are a small family owned business who wanted to create a better, safer experience for all the people in the USA to hire home improvement professionals. Why we choose to create this way of service?

We have tried house flipping a couple years ago, because we loved the transition of something old, and dated to something fantastic and new. We loved to make the worst house in the neighborhood into the best house in the neighborhood. During our couple years of flipping every part of the process was fun and easy for us except to find, and work with contractors. 

For the last house we did we have worked with at least 10 different contractors. It got so bad that we had to finish the houses ourselves. Working full time jobs and finishing a full remodel was so hard that we have opted for not to do any more flips. The contractors were vetted and researched, had great references that we called, so we never understood where we went wrong. Every contractor required a deposit, and we thought that we were safe with a contract. We couldn’t be more wrong.

"We wanted to be the difference in the contracting world."

We had contractors leave projects unfinished, or in need of fixing, we had contractors do such bad job it took us as much to fix the issue as they charged us. And we had contractors disappear after they got the deposit. Needless to say it was a nightmare. We decided to sue a couple of those contractors. We did and they didn’t even show up for the court date. We won all the cases filed, but when we tried to collect there was nothing to be done. The companies didn’t own anything so we couldn’t get our money back. We spent hundreds of dollars on each lawsuit and we still didn’t get our hard earned money back.

Then we decided that since we did most of the work ourselves and did a better job then most contractors we would open our own remodeling company. To be the difference in the contracting world. We decided that the projects we liked the most were flooring, and kitchen remodels. Later we specialized on backsplash installation.

So that’s what we focused on. We have realized that getting customers is not easy, so we tried a couple of the top lead generating businesses. Did you know that they make contractors pay for every lead? Imagine paying hundreds of dollars each for 10+ leads and only maybe one will turn into work. Then when you finally get the job some customers will not pay what was agreed upon and then the whole hustle starts again just from a different side of the table this time. 

We thought to ourselves that one good contractor in the local area will not fix the issues that we have faced with the industry. So we created a safer way for both customers and contractors to conduct their business, and feel protected the whole way. It’s free for all customers and even contractors doesn’t need to pay anything out of pocket for our services, unlike for those big corporations.



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